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Lots of knowledge

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If you’re looking to talk to good people with alot of knowledge you’ve came to the right place!


10 out if 10

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Lots of knowledge and I’m always learning new things! Thank you guys.


Amazing Course, People and Information

5.0 rating

Really feel like i am in a community of growers with a wide rage of knowledge and experience. I have never seen anything like this, it is like a Weed FaceBook

Gavin Dymock

Appreciate you guy's and the work you put on

5.0 rating

Appreciate your efforts and the work you all are doing for the community the insite and knowledge you share is priceless

lightskin21519 aka Aaron

all the answers in one spot

5.0 rating

I found Rob &Trey on YouTube and have been following them weekly ever since. Having the channel and the site as a community is a great combo.



5.0 rating

Man I found out about Rob & Trey a month or so ago…I recently tested positive for really good vibes. It’s contagious yall. Im thankful for what you do. Watching yalls content makes me feel less lonely and makes me smarter and less biased. So hell yeah ima be around here. Wish I could contribute more in return.

Laith Inkidar

Big Knowledge, Big Budz 😉✌

5.0 rating

Hey whats going on peeps! I’ve been following CLTV and Rob and the bois for a while now on youtube and always like 👍 and subscribe but here’s where its really at! At the forefront of the grow and surrounded by people from all walks of life who share the same passion for what we do ❤✌ great source of content and people. Happy to share pics and tips and a place to see our hobbies flourish 🍁 welcome home 🏡


Great start for my closet grow

5.0 rating

Enjoy the videos every Sunday growmie I appreciate the hobby/job of yours 🥂


Gave me the confidence to grow!

5.0 rating

Humble, informative and welcoming – I can’t think of a better atmosphere more conducive to starting a garden. Rob, CLTV and the 420 Grower’s Club are what I needed to get the confidence to grow – I’d always been intimidated by how much knowledge I knew I’d need to do this. 420 Grower’s Club and CLTV made this learning approachable and fun! Thank you for all you guys do.


Info overload!!

5.0 rating

Wow lots of great Info. Can’t wait to continue to soaking it all up!


Great Club!

5.0 rating

This website is awesome, you can learn anything from the basics and how to become a pro grower! Great work guys, love it!

Josh Smith

awesome site

5.0 rating

good for beginners, I liked much


Real Game that others don't share

5.0 rating

Just started my little issue and was seeking advice from a lot of different sources. Long story short this is where you need to be, simple as that

L. Papel

Best thing smoking

5.0 rating

I have never seen so much great advice for new and vet growers without being hesatent to speak on it. Thanks


Great info

5.0 rating

Great onfo


Sooo good

5.0 rating

This site has helped me so much I love you guys ❤️


Stuck on a grow issue

2.0 rating

Had some issues on a grow during veg. Got great info from the club and also how to correct some of the bad advise i got from other places 420 Club a must for new grower and seasoned growers as well.

Janes payne

Great for beginners

5.0 rating

So for this site has helped me out tremendously with my first grow. Just wish I would have found it in the beginning of my grow, but will use everything I have learned on my next one.


Awesome site

5.0 rating

Love this site and the YouTube channel, these guys know their stuff and super informative

Robtimus green

Fun and informative

5.0 rating

i stumbled onto this site on YouTube. I found myself listening to these guys because they make growing fun and easy.. I highly recommend them to all types of growers!


10 out of 10

5.0 rating

Great place to share information


Theses guys are the truth

5.0 rating

These guys are legit. Definitely putting out useful tips and things to maximize your garden.

Jordan Cain


5.0 rating

Great info and site, thank you!


Good stuff

5.0 rating

Learn what I needed to know you boys know your stuff


Top Notch

5.0 rating

Great place to learn and expand one’s knowledge, watching these guys will take you to another level.


Friendly Community!

5.0 rating

Been a week now since I joined the free membership! So far everyone has been helpful and friendly. Best place to learn and grow!



5.0 rating

Pull up a chair and have a seat, you can relax now. No more scouring the inter webs looking for a reliable source of information. Learn from growers who are not only knowledge about their craft, but capable of explaining it in a way that is both clear and easy to understand…no matter how new you are. The YouTube channel is solid too…helped me out a lot. Thanks guys!



5.0 rating

Always learn something


Great place

5.0 rating

This is a great place to learn a lot about growing


First Grow

5.0 rating

Learning a lot about growing from this site and from the youtube channel, CLTV.

Matthew Cloyd

New to the club!?

5.0 rating

Lots of knowledge here!!! For beginners and seasoned vets!
So come check it out you won’t be disappointed!!!


Great growing resource!

5.0 rating

If you have questions or just need a little support this is an awesome club?


A real grow forum

5.0 rating

Been rocking with cltv for a min now They’ve helped me as grower through a lot of miscellaneous things shout out to form and them for keeping the industry clean and humble

Chad estrada

Legit as can be

5.0 rating

Not much to say, if I ever need something answered I know where to go.


Always helpful!

5.0 rating

Nothing but a good community and good information non bias product pushing !


Quality site

5.0 rating

I appreciate the clear understanding the information you get is from experience only. These guys understand every garden is different which is why you shouldn’t overlook the key word in their saying “Master YOUR garden”. Thanks for the honest and quality info.


420 club

5.0 rating

Rob and trey y’all the shit bro been watching y’all for like 3 years I started my first grow watching y’all videos and became in love with golden tree cuz of rob. Thank y’all appreciate y’all



5.0 rating

Thank for all the Knowledge you are sharing. Really grateful



5.0 rating

You wont find any better knowledge to help improve your grow. Rob and Trey know how to grow the DANK! If you would also like to grow dank medicine then simply join the club and enjoy the amazing benefits!


Just getting started

5.0 rating

I love watching you guys you give out such great info and being from Michigan myself I’m glad you get the weather


Great community of home growers!!!

5.0 rating

This form rob created helped me get started and get thru rough time in the room. If your growing you should be a member.

Cody brindley

Love 420 Grower's club and CLTV

5.0 rating

Rob and Trey, you are both pillars and mentors for thousands of beginner growers, including myself. I have nothing but respect for you both. Your tireless efforts to help the 420 community are noticed and appreciated greatly. Thank you for everything you do. Much love and respect Brothers.

Paul Hufford


5.0 rating

new member been watching CLTV and it’s some good ass content, so I can only imagine the community has some good info to offer. so far so good I like what I see


Great source of info

5.0 rating

Good source of information for new and experienced growers. This website and the YouTube channel associated with it have helped a ton.

Sean Simpson

A variety of growers.

5.0 rating

Seems like this club has all types of growers from closet to huge grow ops and wide range of different methods used in between. So many knowledgeable people ready to help and I feel it’s judgment free. I’m so glad I joined! Helped out with my grow definitely.


Gotta love the 420 growers club

5.0 rating

Great info and content and awesome community 👍


420 growers club

5.0 rating

420 growers club Love these guys they’re so smart I have learned so much They make you laugh love all the bloopers I know where To go when I need help they always know the right answer.

Sherry Fausett

Solid group. Rob &Trey RULE!

5.0 rating

Super helpful and knowledgeable. Rob and Trey are funny as hell. I wish I had friends like this in my neighborhood. These guys give you experienced opinions and researched facts. Great knowing this group is out here. Live long, grow well, stay lifted!

Don Incognito

Tons of knowledge

5.0 rating

Huge fan of how the knowledge is presented to viewers. Very relatable. Keep up the good work.


Grower's Best Friend

5.0 rating

I am grateful to have found this community. Endless resources at your fingertips, exactly what you need when you need it. Thank you, 420 Growers Club, Cannabis Lifestyle TV, Rob, Trey & all the other great contributors!

Ash G

Awesome community!

5.0 rating

Great club, with lots of information and members that are willing to help you with all your growing needs. 10 out of 10, so happy I became a member.


Great site!

5.0 rating

Rob knows his ish


Top Of The Line Site

4.0 rating

I’ve been wanting try this sit and I finally decided to do so. So far, I’m loving it. I’ve been thinking seriously about doing the 1 time membership fee. I reccomend ALL to try it out for free.


Top Shelf

5.0 rating

Great place to connect with fellow growers & give as well as get growing advice. Highly recommend!

daniel seeley

Great Club!

5.0 rating

A nice site to discuss and learn about all things cannabis related.


Super informative

5.0 rating

If you want To learn as much as I want to it’s a perfect place. Great community everyone is very helpful with the questions. My plants have been going strong for 7 weeks. Now I’m ending my first week of flower. No problems and that’s because of 420 grows club

Gunnar Hernandez

The good stuff

5.0 rating

Awesome people!

Dyrell Body

420 growers club is the shhh!!!

5.0 rating

I been watching CLtv on YouTube for bout 3 months and they helped me tremendously and then i found out bout this club, yessss had to subscribe and loving it!!!


Great place to chat

5.0 rating

Love this site. It has been so helpful. And have met great people



5.0 rating

Robtimus green can say his garden has transformed since being on here. I love the positive vibes and Rob@cltv is the man!!

Robtimus green

Great resource for beginners and expert

5.0 rating

Great resource for beginners and expert a like. Nice, friendly and helpful community


Information central

5.0 rating

Great place to get with other growers discuss problems and solutions..


The Best Active Cannabis Forum

5.0 rating

420 Growers Club is the complete cannabis growing guide packed into a forum with major bonuses such as COURSES. Rob from YouTube’s (CLTV) is very active in the forum as well as answering most all your run of the mill questions. Content from breeding to strains, types of cannabis growing, techniques, tips, tricks and local and regional grow discussion from all over the World. The Growmies are all super nice, helpful, insightful, and encouraging whether just beginning or a veteran grower. Highly recommend joining 420 Growers Club! The more the merrier.


Information center

5.0 rating

This is an awesome true platform for gardner’s who are just learning or very Informed, to learn more. Definitely recommend joining


Best cannabis forum 💯💯💯💯

5.0 rating

I lurk all day but this the best forum for to get into the cannabis community. Rob and Trey are knowledgable, honest, and overall solid folks. Join the community and share your growing strats and ask questions!!

John Cua

Excellent advice

5.0 rating

I’m so glad to find this club. I am a new grower and had very little knowledge about cannabis. I learned so much in the last few weeks and my plants are doing wonderful. These guys are the real deal. They know their stuff.


Great info and community

5.0 rating

I love logging on and enjoying the videos. I am new but so far really enjoying the interaction between Rob n trey n the viewers. As well as the community of supports.

Terpy Nugs

Amazingly Resourceful!

5.0 rating

They Will Get your Grow Setup on point, or Get it Back on Point!


Growers Club

5.0 rating

Great Club if you need good info and its also a very entertaining channel. Keep up the good work Rob!

Jonathan Ocejo

Off the radar screen 🚀

5.0 rating

My guy Rob & Tray dropping jewels for us new growers. Smash the subscribe button and join the 420 growers club. The community is like a family.

Lem Lottery

So much help from everyone

5.0 rating

Anytime I have a problem all the gromies are very quick to help and diagnose any problems

The Newfie Grower

So far so good

3.0 rating

I joined this club to find people of like mind, who I can be a asset and a resource and like wise. I just joined but I’m excited to be here


Great Collection of Pot Heads

5.0 rating

This is an awesome community of pot heads who know a lot about growing weed! As a first time grower, I’ve learned quite a bit in the first month I joined. No attitudes either!

Hydro Pete 666

Great information and help with no bull

5.0 rating

Relatively new grower to the indoor culture. Rob and Trey have been responsive and above all straight. If they dont know the answer, they say so. The club is full of people just trying to grow some great smoke who share what they know. This site is a collective of growing intelligence that just gets better and better.


One of the best 420 information available online

5.0 rating

On my 3rd grow wish I would have found Rob & Trey earlier instead of being bombarded with way too much info that creates chaos in your garden. Easy to follow videos from flower to edibles. Looking forward to the organic soil grow. Congrats on 5 years lets keep it rollin and SMASH that Like button stoners 🤙


Great place to be!!

5.0 rating

Great people, good information.

Want Chung

This place is home

5.0 rating

I love this group and have been learning a lot. First time grower and wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am without this place.

Haili F.

HIGHLY Recommended!

5.0 rating

Enjoying this space


Best online grow forum hands down.

5.0 rating

I have nothing but good to say about the people and info on this club. Loads of really knowledgeable cool people willing to help with any problem. A+++


The best community out there!

5.0 rating

Big City with a small town vibe is how I would say this place feels!


Big Help

5.0 rating

You guys articulate yourselves in such a way, it makes it hard to miss understand/miss interpret your directions or suggestions. I like that a lot. This is my first grow & I wake up and go to sleep watching cannabis lifestyle tv. Looking forward t forward to gaining even more knowledge with the 420GC….Much appreciated


Great Resourse

5.0 rating

awesome for new growers, big helpfuk community of positive growers 👌

Nick English

This group is to growing bud like training wheels to a bike. Awesome support and quick responses!

5.0 rating

I am finsihing up my first grow and just the info from the course and in the forums has helped me tremendously.
This club has all the info and help for us all to be “Stoned and Successful”.

John Lawerce

Very powerful resource!

5.0 rating

This community is a community that helps everyone’s out here trying to help one another providing tons of information from their own experience and guiding people with a lot less knowledge and even some people with a ton of experience in directions they may not have even had an idea to pursue for a better success rate! Nothing but love I have experience so far great people great atmosphere a lot of positive resources and people.

Daniel A

Awesome people awesome help

5.0 rating

I’ve tried a few forums but none have ever been like this I had I was filled with bad information. Like people wanted me to fail on other forums not here rob and others are quick to help and give their honest opinion great place to learn and grow both educational and physical lol


🔥💯 420 growersclub

5.0 rating

💯😎 Everybody on here is out to help anyone form newbe to advanced as rob cltv also very helpful as rob has mad it goal to help and put out vids instead of just growing and not helping fans/growmies the weed 🧙‍♂️


420 Growers Club is by FAR the best forum!!

5.0 rating

I have been a part of several forums in the realm of growing our favorite herb and this place is by far the BEST. Rob is an amazing leader and helps a lot of people with numerous problems daily. Trey is an abundant wealth of knowledge on everything pretty much. Especially the importance of a garden Gnomie to help with our grows!! Everyone on the site is real chill and friendly. A++++


Awesome group.

5.0 rating

I appreciate the fact that we have two guys who go out of their way to help a community. I know this community has been around for a while. I’m new to growing and all the information I have gained from this forum has been a blessing. Thank you for all that you do.

ShowMe Green

Bless up!

5.0 rating

Great site, good people and only good vibes! A place where I can share my knowledge and learn new ways to step out of my own comfort zone to grow that fire! Just another UP side on where this plant can take you! Bless up fam


Happy to be part of this 420 community

5.0 rating

I love how everyone share thier experience and knolage.
Very good vibes and great content


Super helpful no judgement some!

5.0 rating

I’m a new grower and always questioning myself, but not any longer. I have had multiple growmies answer my questions with no hesitation. I think my first grow is going to thrive because of this community of great people. It is also fun just watching everyone from newbies to experienced growers learn and progress. Thank you to the founders of this club! Grow on growmies!


A Go To

5.0 rating

A site for all levels and styles!

Joey Cannabis


4.0 rating

After 25yrs i have a place to get good info


Dope AF

5.0 rating

Loving the platform guys! Thanks for the info and time put in.

Ganja Greg

Bout time!

5.0 rating

That a couple cool guys do it right finally! The club rocks I enjoy it plus its nice there different levels of growers here yet everyone is helpful and cool about everything. Positive vibes always coming off you guys not to mention the knowledge you two drop on a weekly basis so in conclusion as I always say it in life keep it coming!! Plus the channel is bad ass as well.


4 out of 5 Only Because I Need a Specific Course...

4.0 rating

Overall, the club is awesome! But…i was hoping for a course covering organic growing which was mentioned a few times but I’ve yet to see it. If it comes out soon, I’ll change my review to 5 stars because the platform is badass!


I love the 420 Growers Club

5.0 rating

I love the 420 Growers Club to get my advice and help anyone I might be able to. To get advice before I would have to hit up guerrilla growers, I know which isn’t always safe. Here we have live reactions and a small growing community to help us all achieve the same goals whether its to get to your first harvest, setting up your perpetual garden, Rob and Trey got your back!


10 out of 10

5.0 rating

Ten out of ten. the 420 Growers Club has helped me exponentially! Very helpful instructors (rob) and awesome learning with some really cool people. if you’re really new to growing like I am, check out robs course it’s really helping me out. plus I’ve made about 10 new growmies since joining.


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